The bombing of Gernika. Memory pedagogy

The bombing of Gernika. Memory pedagogy
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Meetings of the collective of men and women, survivors of the bombing of Gernika.

In 1997 the First encounter of survivors took place in the market square. The President of Germany, Roman Herzog, recognised the implication of the German Condor Legion in the bombing of 1937, remembered the victims and extended his hand in a gesture of reconciliation.
The survivors for their part and through Luis Iriondo, read a joint message of reconciliation.
Since then, each year Gernika Gogoratuz organises the encounters of the survivors with different activities. Below we list these activities in chronological order:

  • 1998. II. Encounter.
    Presentation of the documentary The Mark of Man. The Bombing of Gernika.
  • 1999. III. Encounter.
    Petition sent by the Survivors of the Bombing of Gernika collective to the then Minister of Culture for the Spanish Government, asking for clarification regarding who was responsible for the Bombing of Gernika.
    A letter from a grandson of German Field Marshal General Von Richthofen of the Lufwaffe, who directed the bombing of the town against the inhabitants of Gernika.
  • 2000. IV. Encounter.
    Presentation of the Webpage
  • 2001. V. Encounter.
    Project "Historias de Vida". The survivor's sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters participated in this encounter.
  • 2002. VI. Encounter.
    Encounter of artists from different parts of the World with the survivors of the Bombing, a group of young people and relatives of the survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The first exhibition based on Historic Memory is organized.
  • 2003. VI. Encounter.
    I. Lunch. Common manifest between the survivors of Dresden and the survivors of Gernika against armed intervention in Iraq.
  • 2004. VII. Encounter.
    II. Lunch. Visit from two of the survivors of the bombing of Dresden Nora Lang and Helga Sievers and the Mayor of Pforzeim, Christel Augenstein.
  • 2005. IX. Encounter.
    III. Lunch. Presentation of the book written by the survivor Juan Miguel Bombin Un a´┐Żo en el frente. El Bombardeo de Gernika. Memorias de un miliciano. The presentation counted with the participation of the son of George Steer (the first person to alert international society about the bombing of Gernika) and Nicholas Rankin (writer of the book Chronicles from Gernika).
  • 2006. X. Encounter.
    IV. Lunch. Exhibition of the work done by the Associations that work on Historic Memory themes, L'Amical du camp de Gurs (France), and the Asociaci´┐Żn Jud´┐Żo-Espagnol A Auschwitz (JEAA). Presentation of the Project "Gernika. Hell Castings from Heaven" by the artist Anita Glesta from New York.
  • 2007. XI. Encounter.
    V. Lunch. Exhibition of the research done by the professors Jes´┐Żs Alonso Carball´┐Żs, (Universit´┐Ż de Limoges), Francesc A. Mart´┐Żnez Gallego (Universitat de Valencia) and Josu Chueca, (Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea - Universidad del Pa´┐Żs Vasco) titled: Asignatura pendiente: la Guerra Civil Espa´┐Żola en los libros de texto. This exhibition deals with the treatment given to the Spanish Civil War in textbooks from 1939 until the present. Organized by the Gernika-Lumo Peace Museum.
    Words from representatives of the three war children's Associations in the Basque Country (Vizcaya, Gipuzkua and Alava) along with several representatives form the collectives of survivors of the bombings of Durango and Otxandio.
  • 2008. XII. Encounter.
    Presentation of the didactic unit for schools, El bombardeo de Gernika. Pedagog´┐Ża de paz a trav´┐Żs de la memoria y del arte.
  • 2009. XIII. Encounter.
    Screening of the documentary La voz visual. Una nueva y personal visi´┐Żn sobre ser sobreviviente de Gernika. Produced by Oigovisiones Film audiovisual production in collaboration with Gernika Gogoratuz.
    Presentation of the work done by Gernika Gogoratuz, on the one hand the Microsite about the survivors of the bombing of Gernika, and on the other the album of photos with images of more than 10 years of encounters, lunches and activities of the people who survived the bombing of Genrika.
  • 2010. XIV. Encounter.
    Life stories and commemorations; with testimonies from Otxandio (July 22nd 1936), Durango (March 31st 1937), Sant Adr´┐Ża de Bes´┐Żs (1937 and 1938), Nagasaki (August 9th 1945) y Gernika (April 26th 1937). Presentation of the book Gernika es. Retratos de rostros presentes: libro de fotograf´┐Żas e historias sobre el colectivo de hombres y mujeres sobrevivientes del bombardeo de Gernika.


The bombing of Gernika

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