The bombing of Gernika. Memory pedagogy

The bombing of Gernika. Memory pedagogy
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The bombing of Gernika. Pedagogy of memory

For more than 30 years, the Gernika Gogoratruz "Remembering Gernika" Peace Research Association, has coordinated activities and published different works related to recovering the testimonies of the collective of the men and women, survivors of the bombing of Gernika. This memory, silenced for so long, today forms a part of the collective memory of an historic event such as the bombing of Gernika.

It is these people's wish that their memories and life experiences be their legacy by contributing to peace for future generations. Their memory is reflected in the testimonies they have given, as much in schools as in academic and social spheres. Their presence and narrative has contributed to the idea of memory as being pedagogy of peace.

The following web is full of stories, told first hand by their protagonists united with the portrait of a life, their lives.

Let's not loose the art of story telling, because stories are our History.

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